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For a better understanding of Master LAM, Kam Chuen’s 40 years of experience, skills and of the art, this site was created.  Within these pages, are introductions of the Chinese mentality and the simple history of varies Eastern art.  In addition, the original of the arts.

Within these pages, there are sub-pages explaining the ideology.  These sub-pages are on the right and column under ‘Menu’.


His Arts

Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung
Amongst many branches of Chinese medicine, there is one which focuses on the human musculoskeletal system.  This field of healing art had remained relatively unknown outside the Chinese community even today.

Dit Da & Healing 
There has been a continuous tradition in China, stretching over literally thousands of years, of perceiving and treating the human body as a field of energy.  This approach is completely in tune  

Martial Art
Informally, it is common to refer health-orientated side of the art as Zhan Zhuang and the combat-orientated side as Da Cheng Chuan.  The two terms are sometimes interchangeably used.

Buddhism & Taoism
There is no real need to explain or introduce Buddhism as it is one of the major world religions of the present time.  Like all other religion, there are many expressions of Buddhism but these divisions are more of scholarly features than  

Tai Chi
From non-existence emerges existence.  From existence came forth two 'extremes'.  These two identities are known as Yin and Yang.  They are called 'extremes' because they are unending and bear no finality.  They exist in opposites, for and 

Feng Shui
The Chinese art of arranging one's life in accordance with the forces of the universe stretches back over at least 5,000 years and probably far longer.  It is a profoundly creative and intuitive art.  But it is also a science, with 

Other Arts
Apart from the arts above, introducing the the basic philosophy and ideology of the East.  Master LAM, have also learned other forms of Chinese traditional art as well.   



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