Master LAM, Kam-Chuen


Master LAM, Kam Chuen has taught thousands of people in his many years of teaching.  Indirectly, he has brought his arts to millions, with students coming from as far east as Japan and as far west as Brazil and America.


Having touched so many lives, it can be difficult to distinguish who are the casual students of his arts and who are the serious followers.  Some students may have only come for a brief workshop; some for a short period of time only; and some for literally decades.  There have also been times when people unknown claiming to be students of Master Lam.


This page is aimed to introduce those who are disciples of Master LAM, Kam Chuen.  It is for the sake of the disciples and for the benefit of those who would like to know, that their names are listed here in acknowledgement.

Many have inquire about the necessity requirements of being Master Lam’s disciple.  The answer is obviously, there is no short cut to it. 

Master Lam had devote many years of dedication and effort in training his students until he feels that they have reached to a certain level of requirements before they are allowed to become a disciple.  Obviously, these individual students must also put as much effort, time and devotion into this art as Master Lam.  Due to the strict requirements, Master Lam only has hand full of followers that had reached the level of disciple, which Master Lam approves.  These Disciples are the proud selections of Master Lam that had been taught and trained to hold the skill, knowledge and responsibility to maintain the quality of this art and expand it into world.