Master LAM, Kam-Chuen


The choice of word 'disciple' does not offer the best representation here.  It bears a religious overtone which its original Chinese counterpart does not have.  However, alternative words, such as 'student' and 'pupil', does not express the same intensity which Chinese teachers have with their students.  This relationship is similar to that of traditional western apprenticeship system.


After careful consideration, the word 'disciple' is used.


Although the western concept of 'disciples' is heavily religiously orientated, it bears one element which is shared by the Chinese counterpart: the element of discipline!


A Chinese 'disciple' is family-orientated in both wording and concept.  It is like having sons and daughters by the bonding of their art instead of by blood.  In actual interaction, the relationship is like sons and daughters-in-laws.

Lost in Translation