Master LAM, Kam-Chuen


For centuries, Chinese physicians and scholars have painstakingly studied the workings of the human body, both in health and in illness.


There has been a continuous tradition in China, stretching over literally thousands of years, of perceiving and treating the human body as a field of energy.  This approach is completely in tune with the most advanced discoveries of modern science, but has resulted in medical theories and practices very different from those so far developed in the West.


Traditional Chinese Medicine, as this body of medical wisdom is known, is highly pragmatic.  It is a very effective system of health care - both preventive and therapeutic.  It is based on accumulated research into the healing properties of countless herbs, the physical structures of the body and the pathways through which our intrinsic energy moves.


One of the great achievements of Chinese Medicine has been to understand the subtle inner workings of the human body, without the use of invasive technology.


Based on minute and sensitive observation, a vast heritage of wisdom has accumulated over the millenniums - enabling the practitioner to diagnose specific disturbances within each of the body's vital organs and related systems. 


The range of treatments offered by Master Lam Kam Chuen reflects this ancient understanding of the natural qualities of the human body, and the way in which our internal energy can be strengthened to promote health and combat disease.

The Healing Tradition