Master LAM, Kam-Chuen


Master Lam is one of the pioneers to introduce Tai Chi Chuan to the United Kingdom.  He is the first Tai Chi instructor that is appointed to teach in the I.L.E.A. and thus opening the gateway for Tai Chi to be taught to the general public.


He was invited by the local authority to teach at a special event 'Tai Chi in the Park' at Holborn, Central London.


Though the principles of Tai Chi Chuan remains unaltered, no two masters teach the system exactly alike.  Master Lam is a practitioner and master of many different art forms especially Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung - another revolutionary system which promotes inaction over action.  Together with his medical skills, he began to work on ways to incorporate the collective knowledge into his practice of Tai Chi Chuan.


        "For 10 years I worked at developing a system that would merge the

            benefits of everything I had learned.  Originally I used it just for

            myself.  When I came to the West, I realized that it could be adapted

            and taught to others."


Hence came the Lam Style Tai Chi!  It was actually a name supplied by the students themselves.  This style has been spreading in United Kingdom for over thirty years.  In this style, there are two forms of Tai Chi Chuan, mini and full.   The full form is a series of 48 freehand movements.


The Lam Style Tai Chi