Master LAM, Kam-Chuen


From non-existence emerges existence.  From existence came forth two 'extremes'.  These two identities are known as Yin and Yang.  They are called 'extremes' because they are unending and bear no finality.  They exist in opposites, for and against each other.


Collectively, they are called 'Tai Chi' and it is commonly translated as 'the Supreme Ultimate'.


People with any small contact with Chinese culture should be familiar with these twin aspects.  They are the souls of Chinese culture itself.  The dual principle is expressed everywhere from paintings to cookery to music.



Countless scholars, priests and holy men have made it their lifetime study to understanding Yin and Yang.  However, true mastery and comprehension is said to be a domain of the gods.


The expressions of Tai Chi are endless but here we look at only one manifestation.  The application of Tai Chi in physical art form.


The Philosophy of Extremes