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For many Chinese martial arts, they would consist of a certain degree of Zhan Zhuang training even if their name is somewhat different and the style of teaching is not exactly identical.  This is best seen in the difference in name of the art of Zhan Zhuang in the South and the North of China.  For martial arts, where large degrees of movement are involved, Zhan Zhuang is used as their foundation.

However, in the field of Chinese internal martial arts, Zhan Zhuang plays a greater role; 50% of the time is spent on practicing it.  Examples of such internal arts would be Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing I Chuan and Pa Kua.  Da Cheng Chuan differs from the list for its backbone is based chiefly on Zhan Zhuang.  Its structure and movements are of Zhan Zhuang training.


Da Cheng Chuan was previously called 'I Chuan'.  Due to its tree-standing postures with its minimal movements, it is known to the general public as Zhan Zhuang Kung.  Grand Master Wong Xiang Zhai, founder of this art, at his later age introduced health exercise to Zhan Zhuang training and promoted this art to the hospitals in China.


Buddhist and Taoist theories are embedded into the art to promote its health potentials.  Nowadays this art is recognized mainly in two names: Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung for its health properties, and Da Cheng Chuan for the martial art component.


Normal exercises mainly works on your muscles and stretching yourself to the limit.  Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung, however, concentrates on relaxing your muscles and mind with virtually no movement.  With time, Zhan Zhuang exercises would become a second nature like driving, typing or playing the piano.  In the beginning, you may not be able to control your actions and tends to concentrate too hard in order to stand correctly.  However, once you have sufficient training and have adapted the idea of this art, everything else would then come naturally.  Your natural abilities would simultaneously be trained also.  Its emphasis is to discard your body's natural bad habits and flaws in order to allow your body and its system to become more efficient.


Master Lam Kam Chuen is the first and probably the foremost pioneer to bring the art of Zhan Zhuang to the West.  It was he who translated the essence of this art into English with the name 'Standing Like a Tree'.  This name has flourished so well and has become so widely used that now it is often replaces its traditional name, Zhan Zhuang.  The name is particularly amongst newcomers.

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