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To understand Chi Kung, one must first begin by understanding the concept of chi.  It is a term frequently heard-of in the context of Chinese culture and philosophy.  The word is sometimes spelled 'qi' and may be translated as 'breath', 'energy' or 'aura'.


From time immemorial, Chinese ancestors have observed and studied the world around them.  They came to realize that beneath the surface of everything, there lays something more fundamental.  This essence is identified as chi and these ancestors have been studying it ever since.


Chi is the primary and vital force of all things - inanimate or living.  It is everywhere, existing in everything.  It is formless, growing and subsiding like fluids or gases.  All phenomena are but changes and reactions of the underlying chi.  The concept of chi is used in a wide range of fields, from medicine to geography.


Chi exists also in the human bodies.  Our states of health, our strength, our stamina are all determined by the state of our chi.  Chi Kung is the physical art form which focuses on exercising the human chi.  Literally, it means 'work done on chi' or 'efforts on chi'.  This physical art is internally orientated and involves usually no or little movements.  Differing from martial arts, its aim is to improve health, strengthening the body and promote longevity.


Chi Kung is suitable for all age and it is also widely used as the foundation of other disciplines.


What is Chi Kung?


What is Chi Kung?

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