Master LAM, Kam-Chuen


For coming to the classes, what do I need to wear?

Just wear something casual and attend.


I want to study under Master Lam but I live far away.  What should I do?

We can only offer you one suggestion: to arrange regular periods of intense private lessons.  For example, a day of private tuitions every fortnight, a weekend of private tuitions every months and etc.  Some students of Master Lam are from Continental Europe and America, and they studying the art under similar arrangement.  However, if there are enough people with sufficient interest like yourself ready to help, it might be possible to arrange introductory workshops elsewhere.


Can you recommend me anywhere else?

We are in little contact with other bodies so we cannot recommend any particular person or institute.  However, Master Lam does have some senior students who teach the art at other parts of the country as well as other countries.  Please refer to The Lam Association website for further details.


Can you tell me about this XXX person?

We cannot comment on any specific person, institute or other arts due to reasons of non-prejudice.


Can I mix and match Chi Kung with other disciplines?

Though it is possible, we strongly advise you not to do so.  Chi Kung has been used to strengthen and supplement other arts and disciplines.  Each discipline has its own philosophy and objective.  Not everything is immediately compatible.  Sometimes, adjustments are necessary.  Sometimes, things just do not go together.  It is unwise to practise in such a manner without a deeper understanding of the art.


How long does it take to learn Chi Kung?

It is an art as well as a lifelong study.  Master Lam teaches in the traditional manner and the classes are ongoing.  There are no ends in arts!


I have a health problem.  Could you advise on how it affects my Chi Kung practice?

We can only respond to problems which have been personally seen and diagnosed.  We cannot respond to such matter on phone or in writing.  What you need is a consultation with Master Lam or a private tuition.  He would be able to give special lessons for such cases.


How big are the classes?

As the classes are settled individually, the size of the classes is different each time.  Nevertheless, it is usually between a small to medium group of people.


What are the classes like?  Can I watch?

The classes are soft and gentle, involving postures and delicate movements.  However, it is not a spectator's sport.  You are welcome to take place in one of the classes but no watch-only.


I am rather elderly/young.  Would the class suit me?

The classes are open for all age and all level of experience.  It does not matter.  The age range in the classes can sometime be quite large.


Would you mind commenting on my postures/movements if I send or email you a photo or video clip?

Arts like Chi Kung cannot be taught in such a way.  You must personally come to the lessons.


How do I become an instructor?

It would take many years of dedications and commitment as well as natural talents.  Master Lam only acknowledges certain people as instructors when he sees them fitting.  Please do not be tempted to coach and instruct friends and family.  We recommend you not to take being an instructor as objective but to learn the art!


Can I coach my friends and family on Chi Kung?

We strongly advise you not to.  Without deep understanding of the art, the undesirable can take place.


I am not feeling well while/after practising.  Why is that?

Unless we see you in person, we cannot answer.  If you are learning from an instructor, please consult with him/her.  If you are learning from a book, please stop and find an instructor.


Can I learn Chi Kung privately from the book/video?

Books and videos only show small parts of a larger picture.  We strongly urge you to seek a teacher and practise under a trained eye.  Incorrect practice of Chi Kung can be futile and even undesirable.  No one can correct you when you are making mistakes.


I have a question about the finer points of Chi Kung.

We cannot reply on any questions regarding the particulars of the art as it is impossible to do so by phone or in writing.  The subtleties of Chi Kung can only be taught in person.

Frequent Asked Questions