Master LAM, Kam-Chuen


Master Lam has been a guest of and has addressed countless workshops over the years.  These workshops have ranged from audiences with no prior knowledge or experience to people who already have some understanding of the arts.  These invitations are from both outside organizations and his senior students.


To view the latest upcoming workshops which Master Lam will address in, please click on our NEWS section below.  All upcoming workshops will be displayed there.  So please revisit this website regularly to keep in touch with Master Lam's latest activities.


If you are arranging a workshop or a seminar and would like to invite Master Lam to participate, we welcome you to do so by contacting his association via email.  The contact email address is  Please state on your email the subject and theme of the seminar; an outline of the workshop; and the time and place.  His association will then respond accordingly.  This email address is for workshop arrangements only - not for general enquiries!


Master Lam has addressed in large seminars as well as in smaller workshops.  If you are a private individual who simply wants to arrange a private workshop for a group of friends and yourself, this is also perfectly acceptable for Master Lam.